A new-look precinct association for North and West Melbourne

Jack Hayes

With a new board and revitalised committee, it isn’t just a new visual identity reshaping the North and West Melbourne Precinct Association (NWMPA).

Spearheaded by executive officer Rebekah Symons and newly appointed president Marita Smith of North Melbourne’s Gallerysmith, the NWMPA is ready to relaunch with a “new committee, new energy and new vision.”

With eyes on the implementation of the precinct association’s five-year strategic plan underpinning all activity, Ms Smith said the precinct was ready to welcome businesses throughout North and West Melbourne on the journey.

“It has been a really exciting process and with some extra funding from the City of Melbourne, it has been a bit of a game-changer for us,” Ms Smith said.

“It has given us direction going forward, so all of projects for the precinct ass can align up to that strategy.”

“The key for us is supporting our members. The more members we have, the more support we get and the more we can support them. Everything we do comes back to supporting the members of the precinct association.”

Buoyed by the backing of its members, the NWMPA called on North Melbourne graphic and interior design experts, and precinct member, Studio Vico, to create new branding (pictured) for the precinct and a new identity to forge into the future.

According to Ms Smith, one of the precinct’s charters is to tirelessly support its members and use its expertise and professional services as much as they could.

“It is a change in direction and a visual launch, so that people have an identity to grab on to and see that we are moving in a different direction,” she said.

“What we are trying to do is create an active community of businesses by providing opportunities for collaboration between our members and recognising that everyone who wants be a part of our association has a common purpose, and that purpose is to thrive.”

“We want out members to thrive, and if they thrive, we as a precinct will thrive.”

NWMPA provides small business support, professional development and networking events and opportunities to all its members, as well as free professional photography sessions and a business profile listing on the NWMPA website.

Underpinning every thriving precinct association you will find a wealth of membership, across a range of diverse businesses and professions.

Building that wealth of membership, however, is a very different challenge, and one NWMPA set its sights on eagerly overcoming.

“We have shopfronts on Victoria St, Erroll St and throughout West Melbourne, who have been easy to connect with, however, we have a growing number of people and businesses working from home,” NWMPA committee member and Take Off Skin and Beauty’s Erin Laird said.

“We can still provide benefit to those businesses through networking events and professional development. How we tap into that section of our community is another thing.”

NWMPA is now accepting membership enquiries from businesses across all North Melbourne and West Melbourne.

For more information, or to become a business member of the North and West Melbourne Precinct Association, contact Rebekah •

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