About North West City News

The inaugural release of North West City News hit stands in February 2021, marking the commencement of this local newspaper's journey. This publication caters to the residents and businesses within the City of Melbourne's North & West Melbourne, Kensington, and Parkville Gardens areas. Its primary objective is to keep the local populace updated on suburban transformations, share valuable narratives, and champion community interests in crucial local matters.

Issued on a monthly basis, North West City News sees 14,000 printed copies circulating not only within its designated region but also at selected distribution points in adjacent neighborhoods. The brainchild of Hyperlocal News, North West City News is part of a family of publications under the same umbrella, which extends its reach to Docklands, Southbank, the CBD, and the inner-city suburbs of East Melbourne, Carlton, and Parkville. Sean Car assumes ownership and oversees the publication of North West City News.

Our duty revolves around disseminating information about events, news, and ongoing transformations in the area. As a trusted fountain of information, we serve as the go-to source for residents, workers, and visitors within the inner-city catchment of North & West Melbourne, Kensington, and Parkville Gardens. Essentially, we are the vocal representative of the north-west city community.

Publisher - Sean Car

Journalists - David Schout, Georgie Atkins, Jack Hayes (business), Brendan Rees

Photography - Hanna Komissarova, Maria Vasileva, Ajay Vishanath, Marcela Lehocka

Production/Design - Amy Frost, Kate Fooke

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Meet Our Team


Sean Car | Owner & Editor

For a decade, Sean has dedicated his efforts to reporting local news within the City of Melbourne, covering Docklands, Southbank, and the CBD. Before this stint, he served as a broadcast journalist at WIN News in Shepparton. Beyond his journalism career, Sean is actively engaged in philanthropy, managing a not-for-profit organisation focused on community development in Malawi and Uganda. As a proud Melburnian and the proprietor and managing editor of Hyperlocal News, Sean holds a profound passion for community dynamics and recognizes the pivotal role local journalists assume in nurturing it.


David Schout | Journalist

With over two years of commitment, David has been an unwavering and enthusiastic journalist at North West City News. His media experience extends across both domestic and international realms, contributing to a diverse array of publications such as The Guardian, Herald Sun, Leader, ESPN, and Wisden. David's expertise spans council affairs, local news, and sports reporting. His passion lies in covering all facets of North & West Melbourne, Kensington, and Parkville Gardens with a keen interest in keeping the community informed.


Jack Hayes | General Manager

For the past four years, Jack has been an integral part of Hyperlocal News, donning multiple roles as the marketing and distribution manager, alongside serving as the business editor and journalist. Fusing his expertise in both journalism and marketing, Jack brings a unique blend of skills to his role at Hyperlocal News. His personable and professional demeanor resonates well within the local community, making him a well-received figure in the realms of journalism and business.


Brendan Rees | Journalist

Since 2021, Brendan has actively contributed to all five publications, delving into impactful stories featured in Docklands News, CBD News, Southbank News, Inner City News, and North West City News. His particular zeal lies in elevating local narratives through North West City News and passionately engaging with the communities these papers cover. Brendan brings with him a wealth of experience in local media, with a noteworthy background at the Herald Sun, Star News Group, Dimboola Banner, and international exposure with the Ghanaian Times.



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Ellen Sandell | State MP


Adam Bandt | Federal MP


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