A pug with personality

A pug with personality

Louis the pug has brought pure joy to Tess Sokolowski’s life since she got him six years ago.

At that time, Tess was recovering from the loss of her childhood dog, and decided to channel her energy into researching different breeds.

“The more I read about pugs, the more I adored them,” she said.

Six months later, Louis mended Tess’s heartbreak and started the “next chapter” of her life.

Pugs are known to be extremely meal-driven, and Louis is no exception.

Scrambled eggs, his favourite dish, are the secret to his shiny coat, and the sound of the fridge door opening at the other side of the house can wake him from a deep sleep.

“This extends outside of the home and to the dog park,” Tess said.

“One day someone at the opposite end of the park opened a chip packet and Louis sprinted and was sitting by his side on the park bench within seconds.” 

The mischief Louis gets up to at Clayton Reserve in North Melbourne always entertains Tess and her partner. He tries to keep up with the big dogs, but knows his place is with his best pug friends Ginny and Peppercorn.

Lucky Louis also pays visits to the beach when the weather gets too hot for pugs.

“He loves the freedom it brings,” Tess said. “And although he’s not sold on swimming, he loves chasing the tide in, and when it comes back, he sprints like his life depends on it.”

Tess can’t always tell if people are “laughing with or at” Louis. Either way, he brings a smile to the faces of those who meet him.

“He makes you feel like the most important person in the room,” she said.

Louis has impacted Tess’s life tremendously. This became especially apparent during lockdowns together in their Kensington home.

“It was so comforting to have a little heartbeat at my feet follow me into every room, only wanting to be by my side.” •

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