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Madisons World
Jack Hayes

If you are a North Melbourne local, chances are you’ve been blown away by the colour and fun that sits within the shopfront of Madison’s World on Queensberry St.

The part hairdressing salon, part gallery space is the embodiment of Madison Finn, its owner and creator.

Over 16 years in the industry, Madison has gathered a cult following, famous for bright, fashion-forward style, with a love for craziness and sophistication in equal measures.

“Our brand is bright but sophisticated. I like it to be crazy but clean at the same time,” she said.

“It’s crazy hair that has been done so beautifully that it can be commercialised to go through genres and wearable in different scenarios.”

After growing out of her Fitzroy studio, Madison landed in North Melbourne with the help of her good friend and fellow business owner, Karla Laidlaw, who is just a few shopfronts away at her Queenberry St salon.

What drew Madison there was the appeal of a close-knit community and a space where she could live and work with her five-year-old daughter, Maimie.


Photos: Anna Encio.


“I wanted to be a part of a community. Most of the people knew me from Instagram, and they’d request a certain style, which is cool to me, but I wanted to show everyone, no matter the style, that their hair can be great,” she said.

“Being a part of North Melbourne is a great place to have a business. Everyone is very welcoming. They all have unique stories and looks. We’ve been pretty lucky it all worked out.”

Madison is one of four chosen hairdressers in The Journal Mag’s FAME Team 2024, a mentor program that will see her showcase her skill in Sydney for Australian Fashion Week and later in May, London and Budapest.

Working alongside former boss, turned employee Frank Valvo (Fur Hairdressing), Emma, a hairdresser from Sweden with eight in the game, and apprentice, Alex.

The team has created a space where inclusivity and fun are pillars, pieces of art, just like the three-metre teddy bear from Madison’s close friend and iconic Melbourne designer, Beci Orpin, sit just as comfortably as customers in their salon chairs, and most importantly, an environment where her daughter can grow and learn.


“I want it [the salon] to continually change with how I feel, and even if you don’t get your hair cut here, you a constantly seeing change and new artists in a space you wouldn’t otherwise,” Madison said.


“I don’t really get a day off [from parenting], but it’s a lot of fun. I feel like I can show Maimie the world and cool things within it.”

“Keeping the fast new vibe in my life, keeps the fast new vibe in her life. Kids learn so much from what you are doing. I never went to London with my parents when I was little. I didn’t even know where it was at five, but she has that opportunity, and it brings new learning into our lives.” •

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