A world record that’s no cause for celebration

A world record that’s no cause for celebration
Sean Car

Melbourne has now been in lockdown longer than any other city on the face of the earth. Who could ever have imagined that the city would go from “most liveable” to “most lockable”?

Hats off to all the workers who have kept basic services going – frontline health workers and carers, supermarket staff, public transport staff, emergency services personnel, delivery drivers and many more.

And a round of applause for all who have found creative ways of distributing meals and providing personal support to those in need. Let’s build on the best we can be.

Keeping fingers crossed that we will soon emerge from our confinement, we have things to look forward to here in Parkville Gardens.

First up is our Children’s Week event, an orienteering adventure in the neighbourhood and in Royal Park. That’s been put back a week to Sunday, October 31 to improve the odds of it being able to go ahead.

Second is the AGM of the Parkville Gardens Residents’ Association, now rescheduled for the evening of Wednesday, December 8. More on that in next month’s edition when we’re clearer about what form it will take.

Readers who are local residents, please do two things. First, put the date in your diary.  Second, consider putting yourself forward as a candidate for the committee. New ideas, talents and energies are always welcome. Parkville Gardens is a great place to live; let’s make it even better. Contact me at [email protected].

Third, we’re excited about staging a community music festival in December. Courtesy of the City of Melbourne, we have funding for an event as part of its Summer Festival Program.  Details are still being worked out, but the basic plan is this …

Residents will be invited to make themselves comfortable on their picnic rugs on the grassed reserve and enjoy a program of music from early afternoon to early evening.  There’ll be jazz and popular music from three ensembles. This will be a December weekend event, date to be decided. We’ll be hoping for just the right weather. Thanks to the City of Melbourne!

Our local feature for this month is Mercy Place. Here’s what Matthew Archdall, Mercy Health marketing manager, has to say about it …

“People who are new to Parkville Gardens might wonder what the multi-story building is on the corner of Cade Way and William St. With its discreet and modern appearance, they could be excused for thinking it is another block of apartments. Essentially it is, but the people living there have access to so many services and amenities — a hairdressing salon, chapel, reception area, rooftop bar, lounge areas, gardens, visiting entertainers (when COVID restrictions permit), internal courtyards, a community hall and in-house catering and laundry.”

“The lucky occupants of this building – Mercy Place – reside in the 52-unit retirement village at the front of the block or in the 140-bed aged care home at the back. Described by many as one of Parkville’s best kept secrets, it is owned and operated by Mercy Health, who also operates hospitals and provide home care as part of their aged care offering. One of their home care offices is located just around the corner on Cade Way.”

“Recently, the apartments and the aged care home have undergone renovations, and I have been told that plans have been drawn up to remodel and reopen the café that sits between the two properties. Now, that is something we can all look forward to! Thanks, Matthew.”

For more information, you can contact him at [email protected]

John Buncle

John Buncle

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