Arts House unveils Season 2 lineup


Arts House has announced Season 2 of its 2024 program, featuring six captivating performances set to transform the venue throughout the second half of the year.

Each artist this season invites audiences on a journey of discovery and experimentation, delving into the challenges of creating in turbulent times, the role of artists in community discourse, and what it means to see the world with humanity.

Artists will invite viewers on a journey of learning and risk-taking, and to explore what it means to create in fraught times, for artists to speak directly to their communities, and to see the world with humanity.

“Our next season is rich with stories, parties, provocations, and interrogations. We are excited to present a journey of learning, experimentation and risk-taking,” Arts House acting artistic director Olivia Anderson told North West City News.


Over the next six months we will offer a range of works from the digital to the tactile. We will present drama, dance, sound, workshops, and a whole host more.


Launching the season in August is Ahmarnya Price’s The Splendid Anomaly, which explores how both celestial and cellular life adapt to disruption and transformation.

In September, BLEED returns to Arts House, probing the intersection between digital technologies and live performance.

October brings Specials!, drawing inspiration from Australian writer Kath Duncan’s real-life experiences in Special Education programs.

Wrapping up the season in November and December are three groundbreaking works from storytellers and performance artists, including Angela Goh and Holly Child’s Cliffhanger, APHID’s EDGING, and Stéphanie Ghajar’s Zaffé.

Until July 12, locals can also book early and enjoy $15 discounted tickets using the code EARLYBIRD. •

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