Barny the barnacle loves a cuddle

Barny the barnacle loves a cuddle

By Zephania Thangam

Vanessa has had her beloved dog Barny for more than a year now, and he’s adjusted to city life quite well.

As a French bulldog, although he is as small as his average breed size is, he doesn’t let that phase him.

“He likes to act like the ‘big guy’ even in front of dogs that are double his size,” Vanessa said.

Barny tends to be friendly with his fellow canine buddies, that’s “as long as they’re smaller than him.”

Barny is even said to be “good with cats”.

He is now seven years old and living in an apartment complex with his owner near Flagstaff Gardens which just so happens to be his favourite park. He has experienced lockdown like many other pets during the past few years and Barny has had no problems adjusting to it.

According to Vanessa, he likes to get out and about, even outside the city. In fact, one of “his favourite beaches that he goes to often is one near Geelong” which he enjoys walking around on.

Barny isn’t picky when it comes to food, as “he eats anything” and enjoys a variety of meals, not only dog food but also carrots or even his owners’ food.

He hasn’t always enjoyed the luxurious city dog life though. As a rescue dog from the country, initially he didn’t get along with people very well.

Thankfully someone from Vanessa’s company offered him to her last year, and although she admitted she didn’t like that “he’s scared of people”, she said she always enjoyed walking alongside him as he “struts around the city.”  •

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