Biggin Scott Kensington: “simple, ethical real estate”

Biggin Scott Kensington: “simple, ethical real estate”
Jack Hayes

For Biggin Scott Kensington’s Kylie Harrigan, real estate is her life.

During a 20-year span, she has had just about every job you can imagine in a real estate office, from admin to owners’ corporation, then to leasing, then property management, and finally, her true passion, sales.

Bucking the trend of your typical real estate agent, rather than relishing the limelight, Kylie likes to let her properties do the talking.

“I like to market my properties, I don’t like to market myself,” she told North West City News. “I love the way and process of negotiating, and I love getting the best price for my vendors.”

“I have seen pretty much all there is to see in a real estate office, and it has equipped me with the skills to be the agent I am today.”

Kylie’s 5-star review average on real estate agent comparator website,, consistently lands her as one of the top agents in Kensington.

“Professional,” “personal” and “highly knowledgeable” are some of the sentiments echoed across her 150 reviews – so too by her colleague and office director, Trevor Reynolds.

According to Trevor, around 70 per cent of their office’s work is from referrals. In fact, they have often had instances where they have sold the same house several times, such is the relationship between their team and both vendors and buyers.

“The purchaser will come back to us and say we love the way you dealt with us, and we know we paid top dollar for the property, and now we would like you to achieve the same result for us,” he said.


That respect and transparency is something Kylie and myself have worked very hard to gain.


Biggin Scott Kensington has stood on Bellair St for almost two decades.

For over 10 years of that time, Kylie has been serving the residents of Kensington and the surrounding suburbs and during that time, she has seen many changes in the market.

Kylie predicts that, although there has been a decline in the market over the past 12 months, 2023 will be a stable year with demand and prices expected to return to normal programming at the end of the year, with the potential of an interest rate decrease in the third or fourth quarter.

“We don’t often see the same market volatility that other areas may see because of the make-up of the area,” Kylie said.

“You have availability to just about
everything, it’s only two stops by train to the CBD, you can also get the tram or take the bike lanes down to Arden St. Citylink is also on your
doorstep and gives you great access to the rest of Melbourne or regional Victoria.”

“It makes it easy for us to love what we do, because we love our local community.” •

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