Celebrating the class of 2023 at Simonds Catholic College

Celebrating the class of 2023 at Simonds Catholic College
Jack Hayes

For year 12 students, the next two months provide some of the most exciting, nerve-wracking and stressful moments of their schooling lives.

Just like much of the country, students at West Melbourne’s Simonds Catholic College (SCC) are busy readying themselves for their first exam on October 27.

According to the school’s principal, Peter Riordan, SCC is on track for another successful year of results for a school that, despite its small footprint and cohorts, continues to exceed ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) expectations.

“We are heading for some really positive and pleasing results,” Mr Riordan said. “The boys have been working incredibly hard and have been committed to their studies.”

“As always, our teachers have been working tirelessly with their students. There has been a great energy around school and community. To quote a line from The Castle, there has been a fantastic “vibe” throughout this schooling year.”

“As we say goodbye to the class of 2023, one of the things we talk about is that these students have been given so many opportunities, and hopefully by taking those learnings, they can make the world a better place for those that don’t have the same opportunities.”

In preparation for exams, the college’s year 12 students will have their last day of school on Friday, October 13, marked with a formal liturgy at St Mary’s Church, followed by a graduation ceremony for the whole school and a final farewell to students.

In 2022, SCC achieved a median ATAR score of 29 across a cohort of 90 students enrolled in at least one VCE unit 3/4 subject.

2023 has seen a seismic shift for the school as it joined two campuses, one formerly in North Fitzroy, relocating students to a growing footprint in West Melbourne.

“Our learnings from the COVID period have shown how important it is for our students to be physically on site together, not just with their friends, but also with their teachers,” Mr Riordan said.


It may be great learning from home where you can go to school in your pyjamas or have a sleep in, but the reality is, being part of a school and learning community, both as students and staff, it’s irreplaceable.


“It has been an extraordinarily positive change having the younger boys and older boys together on site. I thought it was going to be good but is has truly surprised me how positive it has been; to have brothers and families together on one campus, having your senior school leaders with your junior school leaders, the activities that we can run, it has been such a bonus.”

According to Mr Riordan, over 94 per cent of SCC students choose a tertiary destination, and he is confident the 2023 graduates will continue that trend. •

For more information: sccmelb.catholic.edu.au

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