Cherished cake shop set to close after the pandemic’s “relentless stress” takes its toll

Brendan Rees

A popular cake shop in North Melbourne will close its doors after pandemic fatigue took its toll on the small business.

Beatrix Bakes, which is known for its delicious home-made treats, will close in early August after owner Natalie Paull cited the “relentless stress of crisis management” over the past two years.

“While I adore my shop and have always had a supportive and wonderful team around me, I run this cake house as a solo owner (no regretty) and I think I am a little puffed and need a hard break after 12 years,” Ms Paull announced on social media on July 6.

The news has devastated fans who have inundated the tiny Queensberry St shop with heartfelt messages.

“You will be so missed – but what a fabulous ride it has been. Best cake in the world,” one wrote.

“Devastating news, so sorry to hear this. Very hard decision and let us know where you pop up next, so we all support you,” another wrote.

But Ms Paul isn’t calling it a day entirely, adding Beatrix “will still be around in a way”.

“Doing some whole cake orders pop ups, and I am so excited to bring another bake book into your kitchens in 2024 (I promise the lemon tart and cocoa sour cream layer cake are in there),” she said.

“I’ll never be far away from an oven or a block of butter or an email if you get into baking trouble. More information to follow soon.”

Beatrix Bakes has a legion of devoted customers with the beautiful bakery attracting some 74,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s also known for its out-the-door queues with up to 50 people lining up for a slice of its heavenly sugar-coated, cream-filled treats.

Ms Paull opened the store in 2011 with the business name Beatrix meaning “bringer of joy” in Latin.

Her love for baking began when she made her first butter cake at age seven. By 18, she was an apprentice cook “where she couldn’t deny the fact that her heart just loved all things sweet”.

In announcing the sad news that she will be closing her beloved shop, Ms Paull said, “Endings usually happen like a wall being thrown on our road out of nowhere. And you have no choice but to swerve or collide.”

“But sometimes you get to drive your car to a nice lookout, turn the engine off (eat a chicken sandwich and sip a cup of tea from the thermos) and look so very proudly at where you are, how you got there and have a break from concentrating on the road.


“This is me doing just that. Just stopping for a moment.” •



Caption: Beatrix Bakes has announced the sad news it will shup up shop in August.

John Buncle

John Buncle

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