Comedy Festival returns


The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is back and bigger than ever as in-person audiences return in 2022, with a line-up featuring several performances in the city’s northern suburbs for the first time.

The laughs kick off on March 31 and continue through until April 24, with shows suitable for all age ranges and COVID-safe policies in place.

Kensington and Flemington will host performances including Parenting Fails, Just the Gist, What a Mess, Can Ya Stand It?, and the period political satire January 26, in tandem with dozens more throughout the city as tourism returns.

January 26 is slated to be one of the Flemington Theatre Company’s first returns to the stage following a 30-month hiatus, hitting Moonee Ponds’ Clocktower Theatre on April 2 and 3, with tickets selling for $39.90.

Audiences of all ages are welcome to witness Prime Minister Oliver Jones’ wife, Arnie, in her struggle to convince her husband that Speedos are not appropriate work attire in the leadup to a revolution.

Those over the age of 16 can enjoy showings like What a Mess, Can Ya Stand It?, and What a Mess when each hits North Melbourne’s Comic Lounge between from April 1 to 10.

Featuring appearances from comedians Mitchell Coombs, Christian Hull and award-winning podcast host Rosie Waterland alongside BFF Jacob Stanley (Just the Gist), this year’s festival promises to be a grand return to the stage.

“The comedy festival would be a great example of something that hasn’t happened before in the suburbs,” City of Melbourne Cr Davydd Griffiths said. “I’ve never seen comedy festival events in places like Kensington.”

“When we’re looking at events and other things to bring back tourists, we need to make sure that we’re thinking about all suburbs, not just the CBD.”

The adult-centric Parenting Fails promises to disgrace the stage, in an 18-plus performance where Anna Brennan instils the values of a thrifty bogan alongside her accomplice Carolyn who is self-trained in the art of “progressive disciplinary tactics” (i.e., stealing Wi-Fi).

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of the world’s largest comedy festivals, hosting up to 770,000 audience members yearly since beginning in 1987.

Ticket prices, start times and dates for each show, along with previous festival guides FAQs and contact details, can be found at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s website,

Melbourne’s gala joins other internationally renowned comedy festivals such as Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe, and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival •

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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