Creativity and connection for mental health and wellbeing


Satellite Foundation connects and empowers young people with a parent/carer who experiences mental health challenges.

We encourage young people and their families to stay connected, be creative and keep well, so they can realise their full potential.

By using the power of creativity, Satellite fosters a community of young people who can share their stories and connect over similar experiences.

Satellite offers programs and workshops for children and young people aged from eight to 25 and has two programs starting in January and February 2022.  

At Home with Satellite: January school holidays

At Home with Satellite is a fun, creative program that offers connecting activities for children and young people aged eight to 14 years old that runs each school holiday. These workshops combine a curated selection of activity-based self-care packs and online workshops (two-part series) that provide opportunities for artistic expression, sharing of experiences and peer connection within a facilitated group program.

Create and design your very own instrument in our “Music and Me” Workshop, and explore how music feels, sounds, and means different things for everyone. Or create a collection of images, words, and doodles for inspiration in our “Dreamboards” workshop (for ages 12 to 14).

These At Home with Satellite workshops are both a two-part series that take place on Mondays January 17 and 24.

  • Music and Me: 10am to 11am (ages eight to 11) via Zoom
  • Dreamboards: 1.30pm to 3pm (ages 12 to 16) via Zoom

Both workshops include a bonus voice lab session on January 28!

Satellite Connect: Make new friends and connect with others

Satellite Connect is a primarily online, free program for young people aged 18 to 25 years old. This six-week program provides opportunities for young people to be heard and the power of their experiences to be shared through a supported and positive platform. Participants meet, interact and collaborate, practicing personal development skills to help build confidence and peer connection. Satellite Connect ends with a free, in-person overnight retreat at the beautiful Coastal Forest Lodge in Bellbrae, Victoria!

Monday, February 21 to Monday, March 28, 6.30pm to 8.30pm via Zoom for a total time commitment of 12 hours.

All programs are FREE. Find out more information and register your interest online •

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