Dog attack in Eastwood St

Dog attack in Eastwood St
Spencer Fowler Steen

A local lady and her dog are lucky to have escaped serious injury after a dog attack in Kensington which left the woman in hospital, and her dog at the emergency vet.

The lady, who wished to remain anonymous, agreed to share her story for the safety of the Kensington community.

According to her post in the Kensington Good Karma Network (KGKN) Facebook group, a dog, which appeared to look like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, attacked her dog, Bertie, during a morning walk in Eastwood St on August 6.

The dog was not on a lead, and ran across Eastwood St and latched onto Bertie, for around five minutes.

“It would not unlock its jaw despite my hands in its mouth trying to rip it open,” the lady said.

“Bertie is lucky in this instance, and I hate to think what would’ve happened if the dog got his throat rather than his fluffy ear.”

The woman wound up in emergency with puncture wounds in her hands, but said on the KGKN that with a tetanus shot and antibiotics, she would be fine.

“A big shoutout to the amazing neighbours on Eastwood St who helped me when my dog was attacked this morning,” she said.

“Carly who drove us to the emergency vet was so lovely, the lovely man who helped rip the attacking dog off my dog and the lovely lady who helped keep my other little dog calm dog during the attack were also both amazing.”

“My boy will be okay, but is traumatised, as am I!”

According to the Victorian Government, if your dog attacks a person or animal, you may be liable for thousands of dollars in fines, or your dog may be euthanised.

Compensation may have to be paid for any damage caused by your dog.

If your dog is already deemed a dangerous dog, and it attacks a person endangering their life, you may face five- or 10-years jail.

According to the Animal Emergency Service, if a dog attacks another dog, do not try and break up the dog fight with your bare hands.

Pour water from a bottle or hose over their heads to shock them into breaking apart.

Keep calm with the other dog owner and refrain from acting aggressively, focusing on each other’s dog’s health.

Have your dog seen by a vet immediately •

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