Futureproofing your bone and muscle health with Life Performance

Futureproofing your bone and muscle health with Life Performance
Jack Hayes

It is no secret that our bones and muscles decline as we age, particularly after 50.

Muscle mass declines, and bone strength declines as a by-product, often exacerbating issues like osteoporosis, tendinopathy (or tendinitis), arthritis, and other disorders.

That is why, according to senior physiotherapist at West Melbourne’s Life Performance Medicine Shane O’Sullivan, building and maintaining muscle and bone strength is essential to good health.

“The scientific evidence supporting our approach to building bone and bone strength is clear: high-intensity loading, influenced by the strength of muscle contraction, is key,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“We need to have strong muscles pulling on those bones to improve bone health. Reducing muscle mass will also be counterproductive for tendinopathy or tendinitis, joint issues, knee or hip arthritis, and other disorders.”



“After age 50, some people, particularly women, start to see a decline in muscle mass and then, in some cases, a decline in bone health.”

To alleviate or avoid these issues, Life Performance Medicine offers Bones & Brawn, a program tailored to assess weaknesses in muscle strength and health and, in turn, strengthen bones.

The program involves two group classes per week over a six- or 12-week period. Classes include strength, mobility, power, and bone-building exercises at their state-of-the-art 51 Stanley St facility in West Melbourne.

“In the first block of the program, we take measurements, execute the program twice a week, and list any complimentary work that can be done at home,” Mr O’Sullivan said. “Then, we reassess at four or six weeks and plan for subsequent phases.”


Muscle strength changes begin to start at four to six weeks. Traditionally, we see the most effective results across a four-month program.


“If you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia by a health expert, we can monitor it through our program by doing baseline testing and investigations and re-testing to confirm if the program is effective.”

The program includes the use of various weight apparatus, such as barbells, squat racks, the Smith rack (like a squat rack but supported on tracks), and muscle isolation machines.

These ensure that there are no defects or weaknesses within muscle groups like hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. •

Head online if you are interested in learning more about Life Performance Medicine’s Bones & Brawn program .

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