GURRA ERA OP shines light on climate crisis

GURRA ERA OP shines light on climate crisis

GURRA ERA OP will take over Arts House from June 12 to 16 as part of RISING 2024, featuring a captivating dance performance from mainland-born Torres Strait Islander women, weaving stories of connection and culture.

GURRA ERA OP, meaning “the face of the sea” in Meriam Mir language, stands as both a celebration of culture and tradition, and a call to address the devastating effects of the climate crisis.

In collaboration with ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, renowned choreographer and performer Ghenoa Gela offers a poignant portrayal of loss and a plea for collective action towards a brighter tomorrow.

Through a fusion of contemporary storytelling, expressive movement, and powerful spoken word, GURRA ERA OP follows the journey of three Torres Strait Islander women as they confront the looming threat to their homeland, heritage, and sense of self that climate change poses.

As these women bear witness to the impacts of climate change on their beloved homeland, families, and communities, GURRA ERA OP provokes audiences to consider their own responses to such challenges. 

Known for her acclaimed work My Urrwai at the Sydney Festival 2018, Ghenoa has demonstrated her versality across a range of disciplines within the Australian arts industry, including dance, theatre, circus, television, film, and stage.

Ghenoa also earned acclaim as the winner of the National Keir Choreographic Awards in 2016, as well as winning the National Deadly Funny Championships during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017.

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