Haileybury preps for new tots


Haileybury welcomed in 21 new faces last month, as Preps filed into school for the first day in their 2022 year.

Fresh-faced Preps arrived at Haileybury’s City campus to begin their journey through school on January 27, with the children immediately familiarising themselves with classmates, faculties, and the playground.

The new starters were welcomed by Head of Junior School at Haileybury City, Tim Naughton, who was excited to immerse students in the quality of learning that had been absent through prolonged periods of study-from-home conditions.

“The first day of school for our Prep students is always exciting because it’s the start of their education journey at Haileybury,” Mr Naughton said. “I think the teachers are as excited as the students on the first day!”

“There are usually lots of smiles on our Preps’ faces and, understandably, there are usually some nerves. There is also a lot of wondering about what the day will bring.”

Students filled the hallways on their first day, arriving for the first bell promptly in most cases. Preps Grayson Paul and Kingsley Goodson were among the first to get in as they relished over their new uniforms.

James Duffil has set the standards high for what he hopes to achieve in the new academic year. With Clementine McCullagh displaying some prompt ambition as well •

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