Healthy spine, healthy life

Healthy spine, healthy life
Jack Hayes

The thing Dr Lisa Smycz, principal chiropractor and founder of Errol Street Chiropractic Centre, loves most about her job is getting people back to what they love doing.

Whether it’s running, yoga or playing with grandchildren, no matter how lofty your goals may seem, it’s education, persistence, and the support of three decades of industry-leading experience that can get you there.

After growing up in neighbouring Moonee Ponds, it seemed only fate that Dr Smycz would call Errol St home, and she has done so for the past 17 years.

Dr Smycz treats all ages, from babies to the elderly, treating everything from lower back and neck pain to spine re-alignment through an advanced scientific system called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

“A big part of what I do is educate people on sleep, daily posture and to reconnect with their body,” Dr Smycz said.

“Through the BioPhysics technique, we assess what is happening with your spine and choose the best form of treatment for you. The CBP treatment is the structural rehabilitation that aims to bring the spine closer to ideal alignment.”


The normal spine has three distinct curves at the neck, thoracic spine and lower back which act as shock absorbers, providing balance and maintaining nerve integrity.


“Our goal at Errol Street Chiropractic is, with the addition of CBP analysis and techniques to pinpoint any changes in spinal alignment and make corrections to bring your spine closer to correct alignment.”

Dr Smycz is one of only two qualified CBP chiropractors in Melbourne and will often have patients travelling across the city and state for her services.



She has earned a reputation for dealing with difficult cases, with even practising chiropractors choosing her as their own preferred practitioner.

Her education and methods focus on three main pillars: alignment, function, and strength.

Alignment – your spine is supposed to be straight, if it deviates you are going to weaken the system.

Function – it all needs to move. If your spinal joints aren’t moving, you are going to be restricted in some way or another.

Core strength – making sure you have the strength, and the spine is supported.

“With so many people working in offices or their homes, it is easy to creep into bad habits,” Dr Smycz said.

“A lot of people don’t know, but when the head sits forward, it kicks in the sympathetic nervous system and puts the body into fight or flight mode, even if you aren’t feeling stressed.”

“The brain will perceive that position as you are ready to run from a tiger. If you can then understand how that drives the body, you are more conscious about how to help yourself on a physiological level.”

"It is important to achieve and maintain ideal posture, for not only the physical benefits but also the chemical and emotional ones too."

While there are many ways to improve spinal health, Dr Smycz gave North West City News three simple tips to help readers …

  • Phone – bring up your phone so that your line of sight is horizontal with the ground.
  • Move – get up every 30 minutes.
  • Hydrate – drink water. It sounds simple and unrelated to your spine, but if your muscles aren’t hydrated, everything tightens up. •

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