How good is a community picnic?  

How good is a community picnic?  
Tom Knowles

Very good! That’s what the local community thought about the Parkville Gardens’ Residents Association’s (PGRA’s) Spring Fling on Sunday, November 27.  

The children, parents, friends and neighbours who turned out in numbers for the event had a great time. Everything went wonderfully well. Even the skies defied the forecast and refused to rain. The day was suitably fine and mild. 

The major highlights of the day were pony rides and the barbecue. Two beautiful and perfectly behaved Shetland ponies gave the kids terrific fun – in many cases several times over. Thanks, Georgia and Jessie (the handlers, not the ponies)! The aroma of sizzling sausages, vegie burgers and onions always whets the appetite. Committee members and a keen volunteer did a sterling job with the cooking. No-one went away hungry.

Adding to the variety, the City of Melbourne’s pop-up library, the Mel-Van, offered free books for kids and adults alike, and games as well. Thanks for coming to Parkville Gardens, Emily and Lucas! Last but not least were other games that kids could enjoy at their own leisure.  

All in all, it was a great community event that brought together local residents of all ages and from many different cultures, too many to list in full. A random sample would include Somalia, Iran, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. We are a richly diverse community and all the better for it.


Finally, a big “thank you” to the City of Melbourne for the Community Impact grant which made the event possible and free. Full marks to the council for its financial and administrative support. Grant regulations prevent us receiving this funding again next year, so we are doing our best to explore other funding opportunities.


That wraps up the year’s activities. I believe we’ve succeeded in staging a great combination of events that have drawn the community together, strengthened identity and enhanced resilience. To recap, the children’s Easter egg hunt in April, a dinner and trivia night in June, AGM in September, a Children’s Week event and Halloween in October, and finally the Spring Fling. Thanks to all committee members and associated helpers.  

We look forward to building on this foundation in 2023. •

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