Jazzing up the Zoom meetings


With this extended lockdown a lot of people are starting to get a bit tired of Zoom meetings but the Rotary Club of North Melbourne has just responded to this by stepping it up even more by trying to make its meetings more interesting and entertaining.

This has been done by the variety of speakers it features each week as well as extending invitations to a wider audience of attendees.

Just in the past few months our speakers have covered …

Local North Melbourne issues with Ariel Valent, director of the Centre speaking about all of its activities.

Health issues with Mohamed Mohideen, a microbiologist and president of the Islamic Council of Victoria and manager of the engagements and partnerships – COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Program. He spoke to us about the facts relating to COVID-19 and the importance of vaccination.

Personal interest issues with Yidan Xi, executive manager of The Chateau Yering Hotel and the youngest member of the Melbourne Rotary Club. She spoke to us about her life as an immigrant and a Rotarian.

Mental health issues with Dave Berman, a life coach and hypnotherapist. He spoke to us about the benefits of laughter on our mental immune system and conducted a Q&A session incorporating laughter sessions which was quite a site on the screen to see everyone laughing.

Though the North Melbourne Rotary Club only has 15 members we have averaged about 30 people at each of these meetings. Some of the other attendees have been friends from the North Melbourne Good Karma Facebook page and others from other Rotary clubs. Some of these other Rotarians have come from countries around the world such as India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Ghana, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. We always welcome new faces. If you are interested in our next meeting, please contact our president Sainab Sheikh via email at [email protected]

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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