Kangaroos chill out in new bush habitat

Kangaroos chill out in new bush habitat

As any Melburnian can attest, there is much delight in a cool change, and the kangaroos at Melbourne Zoo appear to agree.

The lucky mob of eight Kangaroo Island kangaroos, including two joeys in the pouch, have been busy exploring their new bush habitat, which features a fully landscaped garden with a wallow, an ephemeral creek, new shelters and 1600 sqm of new turf.

While the macropods love to nibble on the grass, it is not only a food source. It also provides a cool space on hotter days.

Melbourne Zoo Australian Bush Keeper Adam Lee said the upgraded facilities would enrich the lives of the kangaroos.

“The recycled water irrigation system will make sure the grass stays lush and cool, and it’s much closer to the natural habitat that these animals enjoy in the wild,” Mr Lee said.

“The grass also forms a natural part of their diet, so it’s important. But they also enjoy stripping the bark off the trees and eating leaves.”

“Kangaroo Island kangaroos are the puppy dogs of the species; they are very relaxed. Zoo visitors will be able to see them hopping about or chilling out on the new turf.”

Kangaroo Island kangaroos are a sub species of the Western Grey kangaroo and are common across Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Visitors to Melbourne Zoo can see the new kangaroo habitat along the Zoo’s Australia Bush trail.

Melbourne Zoo visitors are reminded that all tickets must be pre-booked online at zoo.org.au.

Zoos Victoria Members no longer need to book but are required to scan their membership card for entry. •

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John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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