Kensington’s streets come alive in local art

Neighbourhood Sketches in Kensington

Local artist Sarah Gleeson has captivated the community with her beautiful illustrations of the Kensington neighbourhood.

Transitioning from a career in graphic and web design, Sarah rekindled her love for illustration five years ago, which she now considers her “main passion”.

“I first started drawing these illustrations just from walking around the streets with my two-year-old because we love going for walks – we often frequent Kensington because I just love the area,” Sarah told North West City News.

“I would just take pictures of things that I thought were interesting and draw them later.”

Her decision to share her artwork with the Kensington community through a local Facebook group was met with overwhelming enthusiasm.

“I got such positive feedback that I’ve gone back to Kensington to take some more iconic photos of the really recognisable spots so I can do more illustrations,” she said.

Through the post, Sarah has even made connections with a local business and is in the process of organising her illustrations to be featured and sold in the shop. 

Her illustrations not only capture the physical beauty of Kensington, but also the heart of its community. •

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