Let’s talk about mental health

Let’s talk about mental health

Mental health, anxiety and depression are being spoken about a lot more recently, especially with the impacts from COVID isolation on young people.

Good mental health allows us to live life in a positive and meaningful way, helps us cope with day-to-day life stresses, to work or study to our full potential, and be involved in the community. It helps us be resilient, flexible, and socially connected.

Feeling down, tense, angry, anxious or moody are all normal emotions, but when these feelings persist for a few weeks, or begin to interfere with daily life, they are cause for concern.

Following feedback from local community members and students, the Rotary Club of Flemington Kensington is taking action to address this issue in our area.

A mental health forum will be held at Kensington Town Hall on May 18 from 7pm to 9pm

A number of relevant speakers have agreed to attend, and a featured guest speaker is currently being identified – it’s a surprise!

Learn how to identify mental health issues, listen effectively to someone experiencing issues and gather resources to best help and direct someone to seek aid.

Representatives from Beyond Blue, HeadSpace, Cohealth and local support agencies will be in attendance to share resources.

Book tickets by scanning the QR code. [email protected]

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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