Local creative couple share the limelight once again

Local creative couple share the limelight once again
Kaylah Joelle Baker

North Melbourne couple Amir Rahimzadeh and Sharon Heywood were brought together by their love of theatre, and now they are once again set to hit the stage side-by-side.

Meeting while performing together in Manchester 10 years ago, the now-married couple is set to appear in Australian playwright David Williamson’s The Perfectionist at The National Theatre in St Kilda.

Directed by Jacqueline Stewart and presented by Cast Productions, The Perfectionist will be performed at the National Theatre from September 7 to 9, and September 21 to 23, with a 1pm matinee performance on both Saturdays.

“We have done a lot of work together through creating, producing and writing, but it is actually quite nice to be in someone else’s play so they can focus on the production and we can just be the actors,” Amir said.

For their first time back performing together, without any further responsibilities, Amir and Sharon will be playing the parents of one of the lead characters, Stewart.

In the comedy and drama play, which will be set in 2023 rather than 1981, a tug-of-war between Stewart and his wife Barbara evolves as Barbara no longer wants to put her career aside.

The Perfectionist gives a snippet into the lives of this family and just like any good text, when you start to analyse it and get into it [you realise] it gives so much,” Amir said.

“My character is a very old school father and husband, who believes in the separation of the patriarch and matriarch in the family, so it brings up all these old-school ways of thinking, and I can’t believe people thought that way."

“He is also very domineering and not a very nice man, and while I don’t really like him, I enjoy playing him.”

Similarly, Sharon also enjoys playing her character, although both actors are quick to point out that they are grateful that art doesn’t imitate life when it comes to comparing their characters’ relationship to their own.

Although it doesn’t mean they can’t have a little extra fun playing with their characters’ banter and frustrations.

“There is a lot going on with these characters and a lot to dig your teeth into,” Sharon said.

While both performers are actively acting onscreen and offscreen, together and separately, this wasn’t always the case.

As someone who always dreamed of being an actor, Sharon was told from a young age to look elsewhere, which led her to becoming a chef. While Amir, who always dreamed of being a dentist, only took up acting as a hobby to do outside of work.

Eventually, the yearning to perform and chase their dreams led Amir to sell his UK practice to become an actor, and Sharon to drop down to casual as a chef to pursue her craft more seriously.

“You never lose your love for creativity,” Sharon said, while Amir added that he was “a much happier person for it and [doesn’t] look back”.


As for living in North Melbourne, they both love their suburb.


“It is very vibrant and has a real bohemian feel to it, and creatively there is so much going on, from culture to food, and live entertainment,” they said.

“There is a lot on our doorstep, and we love the Comedy Lounge. We love North Melbourne.” •

For more information: nationaltheatre.org.au/events-list/the-perfectionist-2/2023-09-07/

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