Lort Smith opens new facilities with “fear-free” waiting room pods

Brendan Rees

North Melbourne’s Lort Smith Animal Hospital is celebrating a milestone as the first stage of its long-anticipated redevelopment project reaches completion.

The not-for-profit hospital can now boast state-of-art facilities that will enhance the level of care and support it offers to its furry patients.

Upgrades for the veterinary clinic include new “fear-free” waiting room pods for pets and their carers before appointments to help reduce anxiety, spacious surgery rooms with new equipment, and more natural light.

Among the first four-legged patients set to visit the new high-tech hospital is “Lucky” the chihuahua who will receive routine dental surgery from veterinarian Dr Harry (not to be confused with TV celebrity veterinarian Dr Harry Cooper).

“Lucky is booked in for a morning procedure in the new suite and will be back on his paws with his family in no time,” Dr Harry said.


Our clinical team are keen to start using the new space and equipment.


Dr Harry noted the dental team members were “particularly excited” as they had been operating in a “cramped, dark room” during the building works, but “now they can work in a bright and open surgery space with three operating stations within a fear free environment”.

The Lort Smith began redevelopment works 18 months ago with the full redevelopment on track to open in early 2024 when it announces a “full opening of their new and improved, fear-free hospital”.

The works also include new and improved spaces for emergencies, surgeries, dental, and consultations, as well as updated facilities to support the wellbeing and operations of staff.

A convenient and accessible new carpark directly out the front of the hospital entrance is open for hospital and clinic customers.

The Lort Smith receives no ongoing government funding and relies heavily on generous donations from the public.  •


Caption: Redevelopment works at the Lort Smith have reached a milestone.

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