Make the most of winter and learn something new!

Make the most of winter and learn something new!
Rebecca Smith

Winter can be a tough season in inner-city Melbourne. The days are short, the weather is grey, and in our high-density neighbourhoods it may feel like the walls are closing in.

Hibernation is always an option, but generally not practical. It’s far better for our mental and emotional health to stay connected with people and keep our minds active.

Winter can actually be a great time to learn a new skill or take up a creative pursuit. If you can do that in the company of others, it’s even better.

Here at Kensington Neighbourhood House we know that people need people. We also know that sometimes the best way to connect with others is while you are working side by side, creating, cooking and chatting. Having a shared activity takes the pressure off needing to “meet people” or make awkward small talk. And you get to go home having learned a new skill or found your new favourite hobby.

From July to September, there are some fantastic options to choose from at our house. If art is your thing, you might like to learn how to make your own resin jewellery; or create a unique lino-cut printing canvas. A watercolour workshop is also on offer, exploring the vibrant colours and unique plants and animals of Latin America.

If food is more to your liking, come and join sourdough guru, Michael, for “More Than A Loaf of Bread”, a workshop using sourdough to make grissini, pita bread and English muffins. Trust me, it’s a delicious way to spend a few hours!

Want to boost your immunity over winter? Local Kensington naturopath, Bronwyn, will be hosting a series of four evening sessions on home-made medicinal herbal remedies. You’ll go home each evening with new knowledge and your own elixirs, like an alcohol-free hot toddy and sore throat balls.

You’ll find many more art, food, environmental and wellbeing programs at

All workshops are facilitated by highly skilled, experienced and friendly practitioners in a warm and welcoming environment. So crawl out from under your doona and come and join us! •

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