Making MOves in North Melbourne

Making MOves in North Melbourne
Sean Car

Creative agency Mo Works is the latest addition to North Melbourne’s thriving business community.

After eight years in Docklands, the company led by Mo Hamdouna, sought a change of scenery in another inner-city location that, in the words of Mr Hamdouna, had “a strong sense of community”.

And, with that in mind, Mo Works has landed at 121 Arden St in North Melbourne with a desire to bring its bespoke marketing, branding and digital services to the local business community and support innovation and growth.

Mr Hamdouna told North West City News that being surrounded by B2B businesses in North Melbourne allowed his company to foster collaborations, exchange ideas and integrate into the community.

“North Melbourne’s commitment to sustainability resonates deeply with our mission as an agency,” Mr Hamdouna said.


From eco-friendly initiatives to green spaces, the suburb provides a conducive environment for us to continue making moves to empower creativity and innovation that contributes to a better world.


“Our presence in North Melbourne is an opportunity to grow local businesses. Through partnership, curated collaborations, and digital transformation, we aim to enhance B2B brands, harness digital products’ true potential, drive commerce, and promote national expansion.”



In line with its commitment to openness and collaboration, Mo Works will host an “Open House” event on February 29, which will serve as a platform for local business owners and marketers to connect, share ideas, and explore opportunities.

Supported by the North & West Melbourne Precinct Association and North West City News, Mr Hamdouna said all members of the North and West Melbourne community were welcome to attend an “inspiring evening of networking and discovery”.

To find out more about the event contact [email protected].

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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