March musters

March musters
Tom Knowles

How good to see young kids and families and friends enjoying themselves at our two community events last month!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather – blue skies and glorious sunshine for our Neighbours Day picnic on March 17, and a fine morning for the Easter egg hunt on March 24. The Galada Avenue reserve was in perfect condition, thanks to the City of Melbourne’s parks and garden staff.

Judging by the turnout, Parkville Gardens seems to be home for an increasing number of young children. They had a grand time on both days.

At the picnic they had fun with the range of games Parkville Gardens Residents’ Association (PGRA) provided, but the standout success of the day was the Taekwondo demo by the team from Hall’s in West Brunswick. Full marks to the young people who displayed their craft so impressively and engaged so well with their audience. They had the kids’ rapt attention. We’d be happy to have them back!

And a round of applause for the PGRA barbecue team that cheerfully cooked up a steady stream of veg and non-veg food for everyone to enjoy.

Kids’ scavenger skills were on full display at the Easter egg hunt. The moment the countdown to the search reached zero they took off like lightning to hunt and gather – no chance of any eggs being left on the reserve undiscovered. It’s what we love to see – neighbours, friends and strangers coming out together to enjoy the fun and the company.

Our City of Melbourne neighbourhood partner Nas Mohamud joined us and took advantage of our community picnic to get a number of attendees to complete the Parkville Neighbourhood Survey. Well done, Nas!  And once again PGRA thanks the council for the funding that makes these events possible.

On a sadder note, we pay tribute to former PGRA committee member in its early years, Dennis Green, who died last month. Dennis maintained his interest in and support for the local community while also being of service to his fellow residents in the retirement units at Mercy Place. We’re grateful for the contribution he made over time. Vale Dennis.

Reports of break-ins and thefts from cars have been on the increase in recent months.  Police have issued a reminder for car owners to make sure they lock their vehicles and don’t leave valuable items inside. Please report all incidents to them.

Don’t call 000 unless it is an emergency or if you are witnessing a crime being committed. Call the police at either North Melbourne on 9244 2268 (24 hours) or Flemington on 9244 2242 (9am to 5pm).

Our next event is planned to be a community dinner at the Reggio Calabria Club in June. More about this next month.

In the meantime, enjoy the emerging colours of autumn. •

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