Meet Boots, the sidekick

Meet Boots, the sidekick
Spencer Fowler Steen

“Boots” isn’t your typical dog’s name, but she is a typical sort of dog.

If you ask Sarah-Beth, her owner, why her pup has such a name, she’ll tell you it has nothing to do with the type of shoe.

“People used to say I looked like Dora the Explorer, so her sidekick in the show is Boots the monkey, so Boots is my sidekick!” she said.

Picked up on a farm from a breeder in 2010, Boots will be 11 years old next month.

According to Sarah-Beth, she’s a bit lazy, verging on boring at times, but a lover of people, nonetheless.

“She loves people, she’ll go around the dog park and get pats off everybody and sit with them,” she said.

“She’ll bark when other dogs or prams come past. She doesn’t really know how to play, she’s a lazy dog, a bit boring!”

Boots eats anything she can possibly find, so Sarah-Beth has had to put her on a special dog diet to slim her down.

But that doesn’t stop her providing Boots the occasional peanut butter treat, which she loves.

Sara-Beth said she had always travelled a lot, so naturally Boots had been her companion.

“She’s got used to trips in the car. If we get up any earlier than usual, she’ll go down to the garage to try and get into the car straight away – she thinks we’re going on a holiday,” she said.

Although she’s travelled far and wide, Sarah-Beth said she was enjoying Kensington the most for its “beautiful” parks and open spaces to take Boots for a walk •

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