New Lort Smith Animal Hospital to open in autumn 2023

New Lort Smith Animal Hospital to open in autumn 2023

North Melbourne’s historic Lort Smith Animal Hospital is set to unveil the first stage of its brand-new building in autumn next year. 

As Australia’s biggest and busiest not-for-profit animal hospital, Lort Smith’s new hospital will house separate cat and dog waiting rooms and facilities, modern surgeries and more emergency and critical care facilities. 

The design also uses ground-breaking fear-free principles that help reduce the anxiety and stress vet visits can cause for pets and their families.

As Melbourne’s pet numbers have grown over the years, veterinary techniques and practices have been growing with it and Lort Smith has kept pace and expanded the services on offer at North Melbourne. 

From acupuncture to CT scans, and dentistry to ultrasounds, these new treatments rely on new technology and a larger and improved facility. 

Thanks to their generous donors, this is about to become a reality for the animals and people that Lort Smith serves.

The institution first opened its doors in April 1936 as the Lort Smith-Lyle Hospital for Sick and Injured Animals by founders Louisa Eleanor Lort Smith and her good friend Lady Frances Lyle. 


These formidable women and passionate animal welfare advocates were often criticised for their “over-sentimental” devotion to animals. 


Eighty-six years on, their vision continues in the work of the dedicated vets and nurse who together treat more than 20,000 animals every year, supporting people from all circumstances and help many who struggle to afford vet services. •

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John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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