North Melbourne Town Hall undergoes restoration works

Kaylah Joelle Baker

North Melbourne Town Hall is currently receiving a “much-needed facelift”, after works to restore the façade of the notable building began in late-February.

Evident from the scaffolding that is currently in place and impacting surrounding footpaths, the restoration started on the Queensberry St side of the building.

When this section is finished, the scaffolding will be moved to the Errol St side and the 26-metre clock tower.

“North Melbourne Town Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in our city. Built in 1876, it is a landmark that takes pride of place in our neighbourhood,” Lord Mayor Sally Capp said.


We’re giving it a much-needed facelift, with work on restoring the façade of the building well under way.


As part of the council’s strategic objective and commitment to setting the standard on climate action and taking urgent action to reduce emissions and waste, detailed in the Council Plan 2021-25, the works on North Melbourne Town Hall have been carefully considered.

In harmony with the Emissions Reduction Plan for Council Operations 2021-26, all gas services in the building will be changed to electrical, and new heating and cooling pumps will be installed.

Restoring the façade of the Victorian-era building has also been well timed, with the prominent structure being only three years shy of its 150th birthday.

North Melbourne Town Hall’s external restoration project is expected to be completed in May. •

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