Off-leash dogs cause headaches in Kensington

Off-leash dogs cause headaches in Kensington

A recent increase in off-leash dogs along the Kensington Stock Route has led to a number of locals reporting issues to the City of Melbourne.

The council told North West City News that it had received several reports of off-leash dogs in the area, with infringement notices being issued at the discretion of officers in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Members of the local community have taken to social media recently to discuss issues surrounding increased sightings of unfamiliar, unleashed dogs in the area, with many expressing frustration with a lack of compliance.

The Kensington Stock Route is not designated as an off-leash area by the City of Melbourne. JJ Holland Park is the nearest designated area in the municipality for Kensington locals to let their dogs off the leash.

The council said its animal management and local laws teams were regularly undertaking educational and enforcement campaigns regarding leash requirements in the City of Melbourne.

A council spokesperson told North West City News that leash laws were “important to protect both dogs, their owners and the local community.”

The historic Stock Route and bike path is currently the subject of a mooted “Food Walk”, where passers-by will be able to pick fruit from trees which will be planted along the edge of the path.

The health and safety of increased numbers of tourists and locals likely to converge at the Stock Route as part of the initiative has created a sense of urgency in resolving the issue of unleashed dogs throughout the route. Plans for Kensington’s Stock Route Food Walk can be found at

To report an issue with dogs off-leash or dog waste visit or call 03 9658 9658.

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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