Parkville Gardens continues to grow

Parkville Gardens continues to grow
Tom Knowles

Spring brings a burst of new life and colour not just to our gardens but also to our neighbourhood.

Parkville Gardens was a hive of activity late last month. Two terrific events were held on successive days – one for the community, hosted by social housing provider Housing First; the other specifically for children, run by Parkville Gardens Residents’ Association (PGRA).

PGRA’s “Amazing (not really a) Race” event in the Galada Ave Reserve took place under brilliant blue skies on Sunday, October 29.

Thanks to the glorious sunshine, great organisation by PGRA secretary Faye Ryan, and Children’s Week funding from the Department of Education and Training, more than 40 young children (and their parents) had a wonderful time tackling a range of tasks testing their mental, physical, and social skills.

The multi-cultural composition of the neighbourhood community was on full display.  Congratulations to all who gave it a go and thanks to all who helped run the show!

It was to have been followed by PGRA’s Halloween event, but due to unforeseen circumstances this had to be cancelled this year.

The cloudy skies and cool breeze on Saturday, October 28 didn’t deter local residents – especially the kids – from enjoying Housing First’s “Halloween in the Park” festival.   

For the kids, many of whom turned up in impressive costumes, there were art activities, face-painting, and a percussion workshop.

For the community, there was a great array of affordable fresh fruit and vegetables provided by The Community Grocer, free cookbooks and toiletries, a City of Melbourne information table, and a well patronised food truck.

The festival was timed to welcome the first residents in Housing First’s new building on Galada Avenue.

So far about one third of its 150 units have been occupied and the rest will soon be filled.  That means that by the end of this month, the local population will have increased by about 20 per cent!

This draws attention to the scarcity of community services in the immediate locale – a matter of continuing concern for PGRA.

Another ongoing concern is the amount of through traffic funnelled through this residential area. Drivers taking hurried short cuts don’t mix well with narrow streets, children and the elderly.

PGRA met with a member of the City of Melbourne’s traffic management team early in October to identify the traffic and parking issues we face. We look forward to proposals for addressing them.

On a more positive note, it was good to attend the opening of the new Brens Pavilion in Royal Park on October 21. It is a great sporting and community asset. Full marks to the council and partners in bringing it to fruition. •

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