Providing musical opportunities one note at a time

Providing musical opportunities one note at a time
Kaylah Joelle Baker

For Brennan Smith, music has always been a passion since he left high school and he is now using it to help others realise their own potential.

Moving to Kensington in January, Mr Smith set up 21st Century Music Tuition from his home studio shortly after the move and continues to shape future local musicians.

“I have taught a variety of music styles and people of different ages and backgrounds,” he said.

“It’s been great, and I feel like everybody has been quite fulfilled by either extending themselves to have a new hobby or to take it further and start recording their own music at home.”

While specialising in teaching people guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums, ukulele and music theory, Mr Smith’s lessons are also used to inspire people to use modern technology in the music process.

Teaching modern music technology came about after he noticed “there was a lack of access” to this kind of teaching in schools.

“I really wanted to give students the opportunity to interact with the newest things available in music which is really important in the 21st century,” he said.

“In the lessons, along with the normal instrument process of learning how to read music, I supplement the classes with a lot of recording and mixing software.”

As well as emphasising recording as an accessible tool for students to use at home, Mr Smith also teaches how to use virtual instruments using a computer that allows you to manipulate and produce the sounds you are after.

Inspired to continue making an impact in Kensington, a community he moved to because it is a “good location” and has “great community vibes”, Mr Smith is encouraging anyone with the slightest bit of interest in music to reach out.

“One of the best things about music is discovering your own confidence and identity as a person, and I have seen students over the years do this constantly,” he said.

“[Music helps] you find your confidence in performance and come out of your shell, it also provides a bit of an escape and parallel to everyday life.” •

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