Rail enthusiasts given sneak peek into the future of Arden Station

Rail enthusiasts given sneak peek into the future of Arden Station

A group of lucky rail enthusiasts were among the first members of the public to set foot inside Arden Station at the recent Arden Station and Tunnel Tour.

More than 1000 people were provided a sneak peek into the progress of the underground station in North Melbourne as part of the Metro Tunnel Project at the highly anticipated event last month.

The group was taken 20m below ground level to walk part of the tunnel, where the first rail tracks are set to be installed later this year.

There was also a tour of the imposing arches, made up of more than 100,000 bricks – each one laid by hand – that form the striking entrance to the station in a nod to the area’s rich industrial history.

Those fortunate enough to attend the event also had the opportunity to have their photo taken in the tunnel and hear from construction experts on how the station will help redefine rail travel in Melbourne.

The station is now moving into the fit-out stage, with the installation of lifts, escalators and platform screen doors bringing Arden Station to life.

Arden Station construction manager Stefania Calati said it was a unique opportunity for the public to get a glimpse at how far the project had come since tunnelling started three years ago.

“What’s interesting at the moment is while it is a construction site, we’re here today able to open it up to the community, so they can see what we’ve been working on,” Ms Calati.

“We’re starting to near the finish line at Arden.”

CBD Stations caverns director Andrew Banks said he was proud to show off what had been achieved.

“We’re at a fairly exciting period as a project,” Mr Banks said.

“It’s fantastic to have a community really blown away by what they see. Typically, on a tunnel project, you just don’t know what’s below your feet.”

“To be able to come underground and really see the spectacle, and the size of what is being presented here and what will be such a legacy for Victoria, is a unique opportunity.”

The first test trains are set to run through the tunnel next year ahead of the completion of the project in 2025 •

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John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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