Satellite Foundation exhibitions celebrate talent and diversity


The Satellite Foundation has celebrated its first-ever Satellite Slam, a true celebration of the voice, work, and people making up this small but growing organisation.

The June 15 event took place at our Community House in North Melbourne, which showcased the coming together of the core elements that make up Satellite Foundation and the unique aspects of Satellite’s programs. These include  peer connection, creativity, and the sharing of thoughts and experiences.

There were four interactive exhibition spaces where guests could get a glimpse into the programs and activities on offer at Satellite Foundation, and the work that has been created by the participants.

The LOOK exhibition included a selection of photographic works taken by young people during various Satellite workshops – both at home and in person. Photography is a powerful way to share our point of view and our stories; it is a way to create connections and to be seen.

The LISTEN exhibition showcased the various ways that music and sound are used in a range of Satellite workshops.

The FEEL exhibition showcased examples of Satellite’s workshops and the materials used. It offered guests a chance to add their own creative voice to this wonderful conversation. Satellite celebrates the diversity of individual creativity and the connections formed through making and sharing ourselves this way.

The TELL YOUR STORY exhibition was curated by members of Satellite’s Youth Advisory Council and included a collection of six-word memoirs: small sentences that tell our stories, reflect on Satellite’s impact, and reflect our values of connection, collaboration, and holding space. Guests added their own six-word memoirs to the space.

The performance program included spoken word poetry by Satellite participant Denna Healey, a panel discussion by the Youth Advisory Council, a talk on creative writing with writer and disability advocate Laura Pettenuzzo and author Henry von Doussa, and finally, a group music exercise by the wonderful music therapist Sierra Verity-Beasley. •

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John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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