School community welcomes new zebra crossing at dangerous roundabout

Brendan Rees

The North Melbourne Primary School community has welcomed the news of a raised zebra crossing that is being planned for a busy roundabout.

The City of Melbourne will begin works in June to install a raised zebra crossing at the intersection of Errol, O’Shanassy and Harcourt streets following concerns of pedestrian safety including children walking to and from school.

The proposed works near the Errol St Reserve will aim to slow vehicles and improve road safety by allowing pedestrians right of way in crossing the roundabout.

According to a letter to residents, the council said additional features of the pedestrian improvement project would include longer raised platforms (flat top road humps) on Errol St and Harcourt St to cater for bus services, and the removal of a “two-minute limit” parking space in Harcourt St.

It will also see existing bicycle lanes end on the approach to the roundabout with the installation of bicycle pavement markings to encourage cyclists to merge and ride in the middle of the traffic lane through the roundabout.

The crossing on the east side of the roundabout is proposed to be realigned to accommodate the raised platforms without removing an existing tree.  

The City of Melbourne said the zebra crossing project was “progressing well” with works expected to begin in June and be completed before the end of the year.

North Melbourne Primary School principal Sarah Nightingale applauded the council’s road safety measure.

“At North Melbourne Primary School, we encourage our families to walk, ride or scoot to school therefore pedestrian safety is a top priority for us. We welcome this proposal, as we believe it will assist in managing traffic concerns around the school and keeping our community safe,” she said.

Local resident Kim Sheridan, who has three children who attend North Melbourne Primary School, said she was highly supportive of the proposed raised zebra crossing.


“You see dangerous stuff happen every week at that intersection especially with cars flying through,” she said. “It’s always a topic of conversation of getting kids to school safely – it’s a really residential and school zone area.”


Ms Sheridan, who has lived in the area for 12 years, said she never took any risks and always walked her children to school including a fourth child who walks to high school.

“I think because it’s so inner city too, people cut through rather than using Flemington Rd, they zip through here,” she said. “I think a raised crossing would probably do the job – we’ve seen similar improvements to roundabouts in the community and they seem to be working.”

However, she said it would be “really reasonable” to ban trucks altogether along Errol St and the surrounding area.

“This is highly residential and a built-up zone, they shouldn’t be here.”

Her concerns come as the North West City News recently witnessed a car and a rubbish truck drive dangerously at speed through the roundabout within minutes.

The project will also include drainage works including installation of new drainage pits, which is funded as part of the council’s capital works program.

Drainage works are expected to begin in the next few months with dates and times to be provided to residents closer to the start of the project •


Caption: North Melbourne Primary School has welcomed a City of Melbourne measure to install a raised zebra crossing at a busy intersection. Photos: Murray Enders.

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