Sing your way to good health

Sing your way to good health
Rebecca Smith

If you’re passing by Christ Church Kensington on Tuesday nights, you might notice the warm glow of stained glass in the dark and hear murmurs of song drifting from the building.

From 7.30pm to 9pm, rain, hail or shine, members of the “Kensingers” Community Choir meet to sing their hearts out.

The choir has been running in one form or another since 1996 and pre-COVID would often perform at local events and community festivals.

These days, they are slowly settling into novelty of singing together in person after two years online.

While many of us are happy singing in the shower or humming along to the car radio, singing in a group has a special kind of magic.

For starters, singing in a choir has huge mental health benefits. Choral singing has been shown to enhance brain function, strengthen feelings of belonging, and release endorphins and oxytocin resulting in reduced stress and depression. Not bad for something that is also heaps of fun.

Maybe doctors should be prescribing singing instead of Prozac!

Singing in a group gives you confidence, especially if you’ve been told you “can’t sing” in the past. In a choir, everyone has a part. You have permission to make a noise as part of the group and the combined voices carry you along. Performing on stage as part of a choir can be life changing.

If improved mental health and confidence aren’t enough of a reason to sing, how about improved fitness? Seriously. Singing for an hour or so is a wonderful workout for the lungs. Breathing fully oxygenates the blood. Breathing slows and deepens, creating a profound sense of wellbeing, and singing improves your posture and tones your stomach muscles.

The Kensingers is a no-audition community choir and new members are welcome at any time. With her trusty guitar in hand, choir leader, Anne Vercoe encourages a range of different song styles so there’s something for everyone.

The Kensingers Community Choir runs on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm during school terms. All welcome. •

For more information: or call 9376 6366.

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