Take a seat at The Men’s Table

Take a seat at The Men’s Table

The Men’s Table invites locals from Kensington and Flemington to an inaugural “Entrée” event on June 20, aiming to foster a supportive environment where men can come together over a meal to share personal stories and engage in meaningful conversations.

Established in 2011, The Men’s Table emerged from a simple idea: a group of men who could gather for dinner to connect and openly discuss the triumphs and challenges of life.

Since then, the concept has expanded nationwide, with Men’s Tables set-up in every state and territory of Australia, offering a space for men to bond, laugh, and support one another while cultivating deep relationships built on mutual trust and acceptance.

Under the guidance of Victoria’s regional host Bill Karameto, The Men’s Table Entrée in Kensington and Flemington will take place at the Doutta Galla Hotel, presenting a unique chance to experience the essence of a Men’s Table at first-hand.

“Essentially, it’s trying to get 12 to 14 men at the same venue, on the same time of the month, to talk about what’s going on in their lives,” Mr Karameto told North West City News.

Recognising the challenges that some men face navigating life alone, The Men’s Table serves as a vital platform for men to “connect, have different conversation, and reunite with their community”.

The powerful impact that gathering and connecting can have on one’s wellbeing is clear, with 90 per cent of participants reporting an improvement in their relationships through regularly attending Tables.

“There’s absolutely no commitment, the only cost is your meal on the night,” Mr Karameto said.

“If it’s for you and you meet some great men, that’s a positive. But if it’s not for you, that’s okay – you’ve given it a go.”

Funded by the City of Melbourne, the Entrée event seeks to gauge community interest in establishing a regular Men’s Table in Kensington and Flemington.

An additional Entrée will be held for Docklands locals on August 6, extending the opportunity for more men to participate. •

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