The future of music is looking bright thanks to 21st Century Music Tuition

Kaylah Joelle Baker

Local Kensington musician and tutor of 21st Century Music Tuition Brennan Smith hosted his very first student showcase concert on June 17, in an effort to help students with their stage confidence.

Having a concert for students to work towards was deemed very important to Mr Smith, as he knew the benefits that performing had for himself as a growing musician.

“I think back to my formative years as a musician when I was just getting used to performing and there were honestly so many positive aspects,” he told North West City News.


Performing not only gave me confidence on stage but also confidence in general, and it really brought about a social part of me that I didn’t know about. I really wanted to give that opportunity to the kids because a lot of them haven’t been in front of an audience before.


The concert was held at Kensington Town Hall in the Supper Room and allowed students to perform to their families and friends with two songs they had been working on during their lessons.

As well as understanding and learning their individual pieces in the weeks leading up to the concert, Mr Smith also made sure to teach the eight students about having a good stage presence, and he led by example by also performing a couple of pieces himself.

As a passionate and skilled musician, Mr Smith specialises in guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums, ukulele and music theory.

Due to the success of the first concert, which Mr Smith said, “went very well and I was very happy with the turnout”, he is hoping to follow up with a November concert and continue with two concerts a year.

Any aspiring musicians can also reach out directly to Mr Smith if they too want to learn how to learn a particular instrument or hone a chosen craft. •

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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