The Moodle pup proving good things come in small packages

The Moodle pup proving good things come in small packages
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Feeling like something was missing from her life, Helen Yiannopoulos never imagined how much her 18-month-old Moodle puppy Ella would help her in getting involved in the community.


“Having a dog has increased my neighbourhood social connections substantially. I have met new people who have been walking their dogs, that I likely wouldn’t have met if I didn’t have Ella,” she said.

Finding Ella on the Trading Post, Helen bought her when she was three months old from a lady based in Mt Warrigal in New South Wales.

“I have wanted a dog for a long time and with the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the timing felt right,” she said.

“She was a little ball of fluff as a pup, and she could sit in the palm of one hand. It was love at first sight.”

Managing to put “a smile to [Helen’s] face every day”, Ella is all about spreading joy in the community.

“Ella loves a meet and greet with people because she loves people and other dogs,” Helen said.

“She loves trips to Bunnings, and she will often score pats from customers and staff.”

Seen strolling around the many parks and “ample play areas” found in North Melbourne, Ella is what some may call a little socialite puppy.

“Her favourite places to go are Bunnings, to coffee shops so she can mingle and to Grandma’s house because she has a big yard that we play ball in,” Helen said.

“Ella has a friendly, playful and outgoing personality. She is really funny too and her mannerisms are really cute.” •

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