The Movement Refinery: 20 years and still going strong


Celebrating 20 years of empowering people to “live their lives comfortably”, The Movement Refinery marks its milestone anniversary with an exciting move to a spacious new location in West Melbourne.

At the Refinery’s heart is Nicholas Psarros, the studio’s owner and director.

With a background in performing arts, Nicholas discovered Pilates following a series of injuries, experiencing its transformative impact on rehabilitation.

“It helped me understand how to make movement, and how my shoulders and spine move. But more than anything, it taught me how to work safely in my body and not re-injure myself,” he said.

While there are various Pilates studios popping up across Melbourne, The Movement Refinery is one of only a handful of studios in the world to offer classic Pilates in a group setting.

“There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about the Pilates method,” Nicholas told North West City News.

“The philosophy is about a whole body workout, and equipping someone to learn how to live in their body.”

Employing the “classical” method, The Movement Refinery utilises around 10 different pieces of equipment to effectively target all areas of the body, ensuring each client can “can find their way with the method” and participate at a level that suits their comfort and safety.

The studio also operates as a vibrant “industry hub”, where Nicholas passionately shares his expertise through teacher trainings and professional workshops.

“We’re trying to make the work very accessible, so that everyone can feel how transformative and how special the original Pilates method is, and also for the teachers who really believe in this style of work, we’re able to give them a place to work and dream and grow.”

While not too far from their old home, Nicholas and the team are relishing the opportunity to explore West Melbourne and connect with the local business community.

“We’re kind of isolated down here, which is delightful in a way. I’ve always loved North Melbourne, but it’s really nice to discover West Melbourne, there are lots of specialised, older businesses around and it’s really charming to see on walks,” he said.

With their expansion into a larger space, the studio is now equipped to welcome new clients, launching a new course at the end of July.

“We’re very gentle and empathetic people who are here to help you,” Nicholas said.

“There’s no bad time to start a good habit.” •

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