Welcome to the West End

Welcome to the West End

Nestled within the ever-changing suburb of West Melbourne, the newly unveiled West End precinct is a transformative addition that promises to rejuvenate the inner Melbourne landscape.

This development arrives amid a notable population surge, with more than a doubling of residents over the past decade. Simultaneously, the suburb has shifted its focus from industrial to residential living. As projections indicate that West Melbourne's population is set to double yet again within the next decade, the unveiling of West End emerges as a pivotal moment in this dynamic community’s story.

At the heart of West End’s creation is a vision to craft a central space that not only unites West Melbourne's diverse community but also propels economic growth. This collaborative endeavour has involved the developer, small businesses, and community leaders, all bound by a shared commitment to preserve the suburb’s unique heritage while creating a multifaceted environment where residents can easily access shopping, dining, and a rich tapestry of cultural and recreational experiences.


West End isn't merely an amalgamation of businesses; it’s a thriving community where each establishment plays a vital role in engendering a sense of belonging and convenience.


Social Animals Barber Shop exemplifies this spirit, offering affordable, modern, and high-quality barbering services with a creative, community-centric ethos. More than a mere barbershop, it seeks to create a social hub where individuals from all walks of life can connect. Its subscription-based service underscores a dedication to nurturing community ties.

Itchy Paws, the first pet store in West Melbourne, caters to all pet needs, offering a wide range of products and grooming services. Itchy Paws brings pet owners a convenient and accessible destination for their furry friends.

Premier Health Partners provides an extensive range of healthcare services, encompassing GPs, osteopaths, and exercise physiology.

West End Artspace, a contemporary art gallery, stands as a hub for community gatherings, hosting a regular calendar of events and workshops. Through its dynamic exhibition program, it actively champions Australian and international artists, nurturing their artistic endeavours.

At the heart of West End is “Gingersnap”, a unique addition co-created by siblings, Brett and Jess. More than just offering delectable food, it serves as an emblem of inclusivity.

Drawing from their profound personal experiences with disability and their professional backgrounds in hospitality, Brett and Jess aspire to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities while sharing their stories.

Their vision perfectly aligns with West End's commitment to making West Melbourne a more representative and forward-thinking community, promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging.

Other businesses in the precinct include a gym, small supermarket bottle shop, City Cave, patisserie, café, and a few more to come in the near future including a wine and cheese bar.

With the unveiling of West End, West Melbourne opens a new chapter in its remarkable journey. This precinct isn't just about businesses; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of this ever-changing community. West End stands as a symbol of progress, inclusivity, and a shared vision for a brighter tomorrow.

As residents and visitors alike embrace this transformative space, West Melbourne finds a place where community bonds grow stronger, diversity is celebrated, and the future shines even brighter. West End is more than a precinct; it’s the heart of a thriving and evolving West Melbourne.


John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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