What couldn’t you do in lockdown that you are most excited for now?


Philippa Bell

I’m just so excited to be going to the theatre again. I had a chance to go to Malthouse Theatre to check out the space yesterday and it was awesome!

Jane Marshall

I’m most excited to be back in Melbourne when all the theatres are open everybody is going out eating and celebrating.

Kelvin G

Going to the city as I live in Clayton and during the lockdown I couldn’t go out of the 10km  range. It’s good because now I can return to the city and hang out with friends.

Fay Mao

I really want to go to the library so I can be efficient as I can’t focus when I am studying at home. It’s exam period currently so it’s nice to go to Victoria’s State Library to prepare.

The Bridal Lament opens at Arts House

The Bridal Lament opens at Arts House

May 15th, 2024 - Georgie Atkins
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