What does the world need right now?

Kaylah Joelle Baker

Three years ago, Rawcus artistic director Kate Sulan  asked the 14 members of the Rawcus Ensemble to explore, and re-explore, the question: “what does the world need right now?”

After evoking a varied number of responses following the continual delay of their production Here We Are Amongst You, the time has finally come for their performance to hit the Arts House stage in North Melbourne.

Ms Sulan first founded Rawcus 22 years ago and since then has been focused on creating a company with an ensemble that not only delights in working with one another but also creates emotive work centred around connection.

Here We Are Amongst You is no different with its continual concentration on the themes of connection, acceptance and welcoming all differences gracefully highlighted throughout.

“This is a warm, joyous and intoxicating new work that speaks about significant encounters,” Ms Sulan said.

“It’s like a meditation on intimacy and togetherness after the untethering and isolating experiences throughout the pandemic.”

The production will focus on the performers moving around in all directions on stage, creating encounters that will be different and dependent on the perspective of each person’s individuality and perspectives.

Known for their ability to draw on dance, theatre and visual art disciplines, the carefully choreographed work will bring exuberant and captivating engagements to the forefront.

The focus of the world and its need to embrace everyone’s differences with grace will be the underlying message that shines through.

“No two people will share the same experience, but everyone will be part of the warmth and connection that underscores this work,” Ms Sulan said.

Here We Are Amongst You by Rawcus will be at the Arts House from June 29 to July 10, with a tactile tour and audio described performance on Saturday, July 9. •


For more information: artshouse.com.au

John Buncle

John Buncle

February 14th, 2024 - Felicity Jack
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