Ombudsman to investigate Kensington flood zone modelling

Ombudsman to investigate Kensington flood zone modelling
Ellen Sandell

You might have heard that recent flood re-modelling by Melbourne Water has re-classified more than 900 homes in Kensington Banks as a flood risk.

Residents are now deeply concerned about the risk to their homes and the associated financial burden. I’ve been working with the community and advocating for answers and compensation.

Recently, in Parliament, I introduced a motion to refer the Kensington Banks flood modelling issue to the Victorian Ombudsman and I’m pleased to share that this motion passed.

The Ombudsman will now be required to look into several issues relating to Kensington Banks and flood risk, including:

  • the flood information relied on at the time of development;
  • whether promised flood mitigation measures were effectively undertaken at the time of development;
  • flood risk information provided to residents before they moved in;
  • losses incurred by residents as a result of changed flood modelling;
  • the accuracy of historical and current Melbourne Water modelling and implications for residents;
  • Some similar related issues at the Rivervue development in Avondale Heights;
  • policy changes needed in the future;
  • compensation, support, and proposed measures and solutions for residents in the affected areas; and
  • any other related matters.

The Ombudsman’s inquiry will also include at least one day of public hearings.

Thank you to all the community members who have been emailing your Victorian Upper House members and other key decision makers. It made all the difference in getting this vote over the line.

If you’d like to stay updated on this issue, please get in touch: [email protected].


Ellen Sandell MP speaking at a Kensington community meeting on the flood remodelling issues. Image right: Hanna Komissarova.

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