West Melbourne residents call for improved lighting along vital pedestrian route

West Melbourne residents call for improved lighting along vital pedestrian route

Residents in West Melbourne have voiced their concerns over inadequate lighting along a key pedestrian route, which serves as the area’s primary connection to Docklands.

Nestled between overhead railway tracks and Festival Hall, Wren Lane has been the subject of safety concerns regarding insufficient illumination, notably during the day.

“The Wren Place pedestrian lane between Festival Hall and the railway line is a critical link for pedestrians to reach Docklands on foot,” West Melbourne resident Gemma Gooding told North West City News.

“The overhang of the railway barriers over Wren Lane reduces daylight even further in the area and it feels unsafe. Side issues such as graffiti and illegal dumping are contributing factors.”

Currently, public lighting in the area includes three streetlights along Festival Hall managed by the council, and two more on Dudley St maintained by CitiPower.

A recent City of Melbourne inspection in June confirmed all lights are operational, following earlier reports of service issues.

“Ensuring pedestrians can move around safely is a priority for us, and we have guidelines in place to ensure all public lighting is suitable for the space,” Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece said.

“West Melbourne residents have told us they want more daytime lighting in this area and we’re exploring options – including opportunities to brighten up shadowy thoroughfares during the day.”

Despite these efforts, Ms Gooding believes that a “better solution” would be to install lights along the dark underpass ceiling opposite Festival Hall.

“With students from Docklands Primary traversing the lane on a daily basis, as well as the Dudley St underpass to reach Docklands Primary, the entire walkway to Footscray Rd needs pedestrian improvements.” •

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